Pommbearia A Hell Of A Roundtrip For Coming Home
© 2007 Jurgy Harth, Frankfurt
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Reason: Some crash in UT
Quote: Done with pity
Target: The way is the target, use your eyes
Friends: Still some
Money: Still want some
Porch: A place for wauzers 
Work: Sucks as usual
Advice: Drink the color of life with your eyes and listen with your heart Startup in 2000
What is that all about?
Actually, I think it is a good start to tell a  story of a little innocent Pommbear, who wanted to go West. Because he was so enormously smart, he thought, if always going west, the sun will light up all his way, because of rising in the east. What he forgot about was,  his neck will turn pretty red because of all the sun from behind. But step by step. To be continued.
Where it all started
Project Future
Ready for take-Off?